Saisilks carries a comprehensive range of pure silk and multiple other types of fabrics. Located in the heart of the New York City and the fashion district, Saisilks has been fulfilling all silk and fabric needs for over three decades.


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We firmly believe our fabrics deserve the same care, attention, and appreciation as any gemstone or precious metals command. Our fabrics have been utilized for high-end fashion, bridal, home decor, special events, theatrical stages, movies, and for numerous other purposes. Our Fabrics >

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Saisilks, Inc. is a wholesale fabric company, specializing in high-end fashion and upholstery fabrics. With a warehouse and showroom situated in the heart of the fashion district, it is one of America’s largest stockists of high end silk and specialty fabrics.... Our Story >     

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Saisilks is located in the heart of the fashion district for over three decades. We keep 100 percent of our stock in the city to provide instant delivery and same day shipping services.  Our Office >